Vision Quest

By Mike Swartz December 5, 2011

Upstatement Vision Quest Logo

We had a crazy idea earlier this year. What if we could finish up all of our projects, and take a few months off from client work? We’ve always talked about working on our own projects, but we’ve always had too much work going on to really do anything about it. Until now.

We’ve scheduled all of our current projects wrap up on or by November 30, and we aren’t taking on new work until Feb 2012. For the next two months we’re just working on our own stuff. All those ideas that make you say “we should make that!” — we’re making them.

We went really hard this year, and finished up an enormous amount of work. Huge projects for the Boston Globe, One Laptop per Child, Computers for Youth, and three more that are launching in the next month. It was a great year for us, but we need some time off. More importantly, we need time to act deliberately instead of just reacting to the world around us.

Upstatement has gone through some major changes in the 3+ years since we started at my house in Cambridge. Jared joined full time in 2009, Tito in 2010, and in 2011 we picked up two of the best friends and employees in town with Ari and John. We’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and we’re going to enjoy it.

So for the next two months we are officially on Vision Quest. We all have personal projects we’d like to work on, from screen-printing to video-making to robot-building. But we’re also working together on a few things that we think you’re really going to enjoy. Top secret for now, but catch us out at a bar and we might just tell you a bit about it. We’re using the time to make things, have fun, build skills and make Upstatement better than ever.

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