Congrats to CFY and!

By Mike Swartz April 5, 2012

Longtime Upstatement client CFY announced today that they secured $7 million in funding from the Broad, Kellogg and Gates foundations. The money will be used to continue developing features and content for the platform.

Beginning in 2010, Upstatement designed and built from the ground up with the help of our friends at Digital Loom. It was a really interesting project unlike anything we’ve ever worked on. The site is aimed at parents and students who have never owned a computer before. The unique challenge of creating a site for this group and teachers who are trying to facilitate learning taught us a lot about “usability for the 99%.” We had to make decisions that would make sense to users who weren’t familiar with common usability conventions we sometimes take for granted.

Look for great things to come from CFY and the PowerMyLearning team!

Our portfolio entry:

CFY’s press release:

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