Good News Everyone!

By John Boilard April 25, 2012


ome cool things have been happening around these parts — a few involving posters. First, a commercial hyping a new shoe by Adidas that was made to air during the NFL Draft was recently posted on the world wide internerd. If you look carefully enough around the 18 second mark, you can spot show posters (dating back to 1999!) that my bud Mike Swiatlowski and I made hanging on the walls of one of the sets. It’s only a two second shot, so stay sharp!

In other fun poster news I’ve been asked to be the third member on the “Exploring Contemporary Poster Design Panel” this Sunday, April 29th at 12pm at the Somerville Theater. The panel is a supplemental part of the screening of Just Like Being There at the Boston Independent Film Festival. Also on the panel: Daniel Danger, poster guru and bandmate (back before I was old enough to drive) and Scout Shannon, director of the film. If you’re free this Sunday consider checking out the discussion and / or the movie. It should be rad!

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