The National Poster Retrospecticus

By John Boilard April 3, 2012

In Fall of 2011 Pat and Elliott from The Lincoln Arts Project asked if I’d be interested in setting up a poster show the following Spring. Enthusiastic to get the ball rolling I emailed 40 of the 60 artist the very next morning and started to picture what the gallery walls would look like covered in hand printed posters.

The idea for the show was simple, celebrate event posters and the awesome moments in time they represent. To get into the show work only had to meet two requirements: be printed by hand and represent an event of some kind. This didn’t just mean rock shows but cookouts, wiffle ball tournaments, bike rides and everything else in between. With 50+ artists on board and 150+ pieces on the wall, the show opened on March 14th. The reception was a blast, so much work was sold even hours before the actual reception and as I’m writing this now the show is a few posters away from being completely sold out! In addition, one of the added bonuses of curating an event like this was being in room filled with people from just about every era of my life, new friends and other poster enthusiasts. Such a cool and kind of surreal moment.

The National Poster Retrospecticus runs through April 14th. If you miss the show this year you can look forward to it again in 2013 (how’s that for a subtle hint)!

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