Scratch 2.0 Alpha Goes Live Today!

By Mike Swartz May 17, 2012

Last fall we worked on a redesign of MIT’s Scratch website. Scratch is an incredible visual programming language from the Lifelong Kindergarten department of the Media Lab. It has quite an active community sharing and remixing programs they’ve written. The Scratch Team wanted to move the development environment to the web and revamp the current website.

We worked closely with Mitchel Resnick, Champika Fernando and the team at MIT to create a new, updated and intuitive interface for the Scratchers. We wanted to support the ways in which the community had ‘hacked’ the old site as well as introduce new features the Scratch Team had devised.

The alpha version of the site went live today to celebrate Scratch Day, so get in there and check it out! And look for our portfolio entry and project overview in the next month or so.

Scratch 2.0 Alpha
A sample of the new project pages
And the old/current Scratch site

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