One Year of John!

By Mike Swartz July 11, 2012

On this day in 2011, John Boilard aka JPBoneyard joined Upstatement full time. We’ve grown a lot since then, and John’s contributions to the office and our work have been invaluable. Let’s look back at this year in John:

  • He immediately chipped in and helped define the visual language and style for the new Scratch programming language. His unique illustrative style and attention to detail made the site fun and easy to use.
  • John set up our in-house screenprinting studio and printed our annual holiday cards!
  • John’s mom made us all metal stands for our computers at her metal shop. Thanks Mrs. Boneyard!
  • He made awesome shirts and logos to commemorate our Vision Quest last fall.
  • He contributed to our Glyphosaurus project, and as of this writing has the most friends and followers in the site. We are jealous.
  • John curated an amazing poster show at the LAP Gallery in Lincoln. Looking forward to the tour in 2013!
  • John played a lot of R. Kelly.
  • John is currently working on a new version of our alma-mater’s website, The Daily Orange. The site is looking awesome, look for it this fall!

Working with John is awesome, and I look forward to many more years of JPB.

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