Redesign Launches

By Tito Bottitta April 8, 2014

Upstatement is thrilled to be a part of the new, redesigned! Of course, we were just part of a large team that planned, designed, and developed the new site over the past year. Any project of this magnitude requires many hands working together to make the final product. We want to take a moment to mention a few of the people attached to those hard-working hands:

  • Special thanks to Michael Workman, whose steady hand and clear eyes steered this project from day one.

  • Big shoutout to Adam, Eddie, Ian, Jesse, Matt, Mike and the rest of’s amazing internal dev team. You all have the hardest jobs around. All the heart and hard work you put in are evident in the final product.

  • None of this is possible with the vision and support of our talented working/executive team, who were there every step of the way. That team includes (but is not limited to!) Michael Bentley, Joe Allen-Black, Kathy Colafemina, Tom Cole, Bennie DiNardo, Michael Manning, Jeff Moriarty, Andrew Perlmutter, Chris Rattey, and Dan Zedek.

  • The day-to-day success of rests with its fantastic team of producers. We were lucky to work with Jack & Rachel to write the lion’s share of content in the prototype. Many thanks and good luck to the rest of the team, too, particularly Gary and Emily who put up with me during the training session.

  • Last but not least, we had a blast working on the user & advertising guides with Chris, Gene, Jane, Jennifer, Kyle, and The Mikes.

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