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Design & Build


Telling the Story of the Storytellers

We helped NPR turn the microphone around to share their own story on a brand new About page.

Behind everything you hear on NPR, there's a larger tale about the organization itself. It's teeming with passionate people who care about rigorous reporting and great storytelling. We helped them turn the microphone around and tell their own story.

Upstatement designed and built a brand new about section that exemplifies NPR’s values through the people who work there and the stories they tell. Inspired by NPR's work, we were determined to tell a great story and make it accessible to everyone.

Strategy Meets Storytelling

The site works on several levels. Readers can quickly skim the surface and learn about NPR through expansive images and memorable soundbites. Hear Lourdes Garcia-Navarro relive dodging bullets in Baghdad. Now watch Macklemore bring an arena-filling performance to a tiny desk at NPR headquarters.

You can dig deeper, too. The site offers a taste of sprawling special projects such as reports on Fracking or Megafires, stories you can spend hours exploring. NPR has captured incredible moments over the years, and it was a privilege to showcase some of their favorites.

Responsible Development

Behind every responsive design comes a responsive build. One codebase needs to support old Android handsets on 3G cellular networks as well as fiber-connected workstations with 30-inch monitors.

We created a light single-page application that featured a responsive image system to ensure the right screen gets the right image at the right time. Larger viewports received a richer experience with scrolling effects, animations, and more nuanced layouts.

“I Love NPR”

The project was shaped by frequent, tight iterations. We created a content plan, then kept it fast-and-loose with preliminary designs that writers, editors, and photographers used to guide their storytelling. Their feedback helped us spec the work mid-stride, and when the site was almost finished, we showed it to people for bouts of ad-hoc user testing. One tester's outburst captured our sentiments exactly. They stopped mid-scroll, turned, and said, “I love NPR”.