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Glyphosaurus is a visual database of letterforms for sharing and discovering typography from around the world. Users create accounts and upload images of cool letters — letters they've found or photographed, letters they've made themselves, or even just particularly shapely glyphs from a favorite typeface. Unlike similar sites, Glyphosaurus does not depend on curation — anyone can submit.

The idea for the project first came about while Mike was working on a logo and had trouble finding images of an uppercase script B. Wishing for a sortable glyph database, Mike pitched the idea to the rest of us. Over winter 2011's Vision Quest, we took the idea and ran with it. After intense brainstorming and planning, we grew the idea from wireframes to a functional website to a complete, polished application. Glyphosaurus is built in Django running on Nginx. It's fully responsive and loaded with AJAX functionality for a smooth, app-like experience. The interface is fun and informal, yet unobtrusive - the focus should be on the glyphs.

Letter Uploading

One of the most important features of the site is the letter-uploading process. We streamlined this as much as possible, so a user can drag in or upload a file, crop out the glyphs they want to add, and add metadata to each one, all in the same place.

User Interface

Browsing is powerful and intuitive. Each screen employs dynamic scrolling for a seamless glyph experience. Users can search by tags, specific glyphs, or a combination. And with the press of a key, users can sort the current set of glyphs by that character. Interaction and sharing is easy. Users can follow each other, comment, and add glyphs to their favorites.