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Design & Development

One Laptop Per Child

We worked with Pentagram to deliver an updated look and message and lay the groundwork for the future.

Since its inception in 2004, One Laptop per Child has fostered an incredible community of volunteers, donors and supporters. This global community is doing a lot of inspiring work, but it is very hard to get an accurate sense of the community's size and accomplishments.

The original website was launched while the project was still getting off the ground, and served the needs of the nascent organization. In the years since the launch, the OLPC community has grown up and grown out, and the original site no longer fulfills the needs of the organization. Nicholas Negroponte brought us in to conduct an audit of the organization's web presence, and imagine the future of the site.

Promote OLPC’s Success

Not many people know that OLPC has succeeded in distributing laptops to over two million children across the globe. We created new sections of the site that attracts people with eye-catching animation and educates them with stories from the countries that OLPC has helped.

Connect with the Community

OLPC is built on a network of volunteer humanitarians and technicians who donate their time to design educational programs and improve the product. We wanted to give participants in the program a very public way to note their contributions and share their work. This helps engineers and educators from across the world easily join and find groups working on projects in their area of expertise.