Banner image for A website for authors? How about 22 million of them.

Responsive Design System

Penguin Random House

A website for authors? How about 22 million of them.

Our team worked with Penguin Random House to build a groundbreaking system for deploying WordPress websites.

Random House needed a better way to create websites for its authors and books. They print 15,000 new titles each year and launch sites on incredibly tight deadlines. So we created a system that meets the standard of the world's largest book publisher. Now Random House's team (and even its authors) can design and publish a full-featured site in minutes using an intuitive interface that we built into WordPress. Each design is unique, with custom colors, layouts, and content. There are millions of possibilities.

A System for Websites

We didn't just design one website, we designed millions of permutations (22,809,600 to be exact) that allow Random House to spin-up a site in no time. We had to consider tons of possibilities: How many titles does the author have? Do they write mysteries? Romance? Children's Books? Are we promoting the author or the title? Is the book written by multiple authors? Do they blog? Do they still write? Are they even alive?

No Coding Required

It used to take weeks for Random House to create a site. Now the technical process takes minutes. We used the WordPress customizer to make it simple for a marketer to create a fresh website for their book title or author.

Complete Websites,
Created in Minutes

The sites give authors tons of options to make it their own. They can add events to promote their book tour, blog to keep in touch with readers, post videos from their appearance on "The Today Show", and much more.

Integration with Random House's API

Each site isn't built entirely by hand. Most of the pages are generated automatically using data from the Random House API. We pull data about the author and their books to populate each section. Users can buy books directly from the site and authors get the affiliate commission for making the sale.

Is it Responsive? Of Course!

We wanted to make sure that users have a great experience no matter the device. You never know where a reader will visit your website these days — it could be their desktop, phone, tablet or something in between. So of course the design system is entirely responsive, meaning it's accessible wherever the reader may be (say, commuting to work or curled up on the couch with a book).