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Craft code

We’re committed to writing modern, performant, maintainable code. This means staying abreast of best practices, reviewing each other’s PRs, and writing unit and acceptance tests when necessary. We work with CMSs like Craft, Contentful, and WordPress in languages like Javascript, Typescript, PHP and Python with frameworks like React, Vue and NativeScript. We’re champions of open source, and always on the lookout for opportunities to share our accumulated code and knowledge back to the community. (Several of our engineers have made core contributions to projects we frequent).

Solution Architecture

Engineers participate in our projects from day one: sitting in on stakeholder interviews, checking out existing codebases, and getting to know the client’s tech team. Once we have a handle on the problem space we evaluate possible technology solutions. We’re not married to any one tech stack. We work closely with our clients to figure out the right tool for the job and strike the right balance between boring and new.


Engineers work as part of small multi-disciplinary teams. Designers, producers, and engineers work together every day of the project from strategy presentations through to final browser bug fixing. We kick off each day with a daily standup and check in frequently via Slack, Trello, and Github. We also keep up lightweight communication via Slack with clients—engineers at Upstatement are client-facing, so you won’t be playing telephone with account managers.

Our Studio

More than designers and engineers — a diverse group of curious, talented, and versatile experts

Meet the team

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