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Foundation Medicine

Bringing science from the bleeding edge of cancer care down-to-earth for patients, heathcare providers, and drug developers

Foundation Medicine helps cancer patients navigate treatment options through advanced testing analysis. This helps patients and their physicians consider find the therapies that are most likely to successfully care for their specific condition.

This testing is only one part of a larger ecosystem that matches patients with promising clinical trials and uses data to fuel drug development.

It's a highly advanced technology to explain to Foundation's audience of patients, doctors and drug makers. During the project we worked with IDEO to showcase the sophistication of Foundation's approach while remaining relatable to patients and families struggling to find answers and options for their care.

Screenshot of Foundation Medicine's homepage
Background image
Screenshot of homepage on a smartphone
Screenshot of the top of the Foundation Insights page on a tablet

We built the site with React and used a headless CMS to give FMI's marketing team a robust set of content management tools. This keeps things future-friendly and gives users a lightning-fast experience without sacrificing the visual sophistication.

Lab tech records sample information on a laptop Lab tech places biopsy samples in a water bath
Lab tech smiling
Lab tech using a pipette Lab tech holding up a slide
Screenshot of homepage typography
Screenshot showing typography of the Research Services section
Screenshot showing typography of the patient story section of the homepage
Tiled grid of screenshots from the homepage, Genomic Testing page, and FoundationOne page

What We Did

  1. Research
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Content Strategy
  4. UX Design
  5. React Development
  6. CMS Development

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