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New American Economy

Economically Driven Immigration Reform

The immigration debate usually pits elements of the left and right against each other. That’s one of the reasons New American Economy is such a fascinating organization. It was founded by two icons from different ends of America’s political spectrum: Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch.

Their approach to immigration is one of economics: it’s good for business. Despite this refreshing and nonpartisan approach, the brand and look of the (previously named) “Partnership for the New American Economy” was stuck in old ways of thinking: red, white and blue color schemes and American flag motifs.

Tablet screenshot

We helped the organization reintroduce the brand and mission to the public. We started by revising the name to be zippier, shorter and direct: “New American Economy.” When it came to the brand, we capture the Bloomberg/Murdoch approach to this hot-button issue through data, not emotion.

We delivered social media graphics that find new ways to tell stories through data. On the website, we integrated charting tools that make it easy for NAE’s team to whip-up data visualizations and quickly communicate the important numbers within stories.

Screenshot of reports
Goo illustration Goo illustration Goo illustration

The new brand takes a refreshingly simple (and thoroughly different) approach compared to the normal policy think tank. We emphasize editorial photography, alternative visualization techniques and surprising patterns to reach NAE’s audience of lawmakers and business leaders.

What We Did

  1. Research
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Brand Design
  4. Naming
  5. UX Design
  6. Front-End Dev
  7. CMS Development
  8. Content Migration
  9. Data Visualization

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