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Philadelphia Inquirer

A modern media company that looks and acts nothing like the rest

A few years ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer made a remarkable move. The 190-year old publication recommitted to the community it serves by converting to a public benefit company and updating its mission to match, a change that made them say, “We need to rethink everything." Enter Upstatement. We partnered with the Inquirer to reimagine their digital experience from the ground up and transform the audience relationship.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Design System
  • Product Creation
  • Prototype Development
Story cards from Philadelphia Inquirer

Our work encompassed the core brand, content strategy, advertising opportunities, editor experience, and, most important, the user experience. The new Inquirer redefines the relationship with “readers” — a word we actually banned during our engagement. Readers implies a one-way relationship and the new Inquirer invites its community to participate, ask questions, and interact with personalities at the paper.

The entire experience resembles social media more than traditional media. The new Inquirer is an indispensable interface to the region where reporters to go deep into the community to produce more urgent, entertaining, and personal conversations than ever before.

Content cards from Philadelphia Inquirer

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