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The effort to end gun violence gets a fresh set of digital tools

The largest gun violence prevention organization in America faced a familiar problem. As they grew, so did a series of disconnected properties that proved more and more difficult to manage. So we developed a strategy to unify the brand, build a common design system, and create a content management system accessible to anyone on the team. After partnerships designing products for Gun Law Navigator and Moms Demand Action, we were thrilled to continue our work with Everytown to end gun violence and save lives.

What We Did

  • Research & Strategy
  • Brand Evolution
  • Design System
  • Front-end Dev
  • WordPress Multisite Dev
  • Algolia & ActBlue Integrations
Everytown website elements

Unifying Everytown’s Heart, Head, and Hands

Everytown makes change from the highest corners of government to the streets of America. They elect good candidates, who will pass good laws. They create cultural campaigns to change public behavior. They conduct research to support evidence-based policies. They litigate in courtrooms across the country. They knock on doors and make phone calls and write letters. And they march. We helped Everytown organize all of this work under a single system, with three legs.

Everytown brand system
Everytown brand system
Everytown brand system

One Everytown

Everytown is made up of many departments and groups, but needs to feel like one cohesive effort. We were careful to design our navigation for users, not departments (while staying within the legal bounds of Everytown’s c3 and c4 entities).

Universal Everytown navigation

A Platform for Growth

We built a suite of sites for Everytown using WordPress multisite. They can spin up new campaigns or programs within the network and immediately have access to the system’s blocks, templates, and Algolia-powered search. Site search reaches across sites, so it’s easy to find a specific stat or research paper or story, regardless of which site published it.

The new system democratized publishing, allowing anyone on the team to write, edit, and post research reports. This saves precious time for the small team of digital editors, who can focus on more strategic tasks like launching site-wide fundraising campaigns and drives to call Congress. We’re happy to report that, driven by the new platform, Everytown has increased the effectiveness of both.

Everytown website screens
Viv headshot

The care, thought, strategy, empathy, dedication, and expertise that Upstatement brought to the table was immeasurable.

Vivian Eri Shibata Director of Digital Products at Everytown

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