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Japan Cloud

A high-touch look for a Japan market entry partner

The Japanese market can be a challenge for global SaaS companies to break into, but behind America, Japan is the second largest enterprise software market in the world. Companies must have a presence in Japan. As strategic partners, Japan Cloud works with world-class SaaS providers so they address the needs of Japanese businesses. Japan Cloud’s high-touch service enables leading SaaS companies to enter Japan and succeed.

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Voice & Messaging
  • Web Design

What We Made

For Japan Cloud, their partners’ success is their success.  Japan Cloud enables global SaaS companies to scale and thrive in Japan. We created a brand identity that evokes their boutique approach, with the unique challenge of building a system that feels both local and international.

Our goal was to create a visual identity that unites two distinct cultural identities. We turned to universal design symbols like geometric shapes and grids, which can be found in art and design practices from Switzerland to Tokyo. These abstract elements served as the foundation of the visual brand, communicating a sense of calm, order, and beauty—no matter which language you happen to speak.

It’s not always easy to illustrate concepts like “smooth market entry,” but Maria Cabrera’s elegant animations got us there, translating Japan Cloud’s core offerings into a series of mesmerizing narratives. Each looping video reinforces key Japan Cloud ideals—partnership, excellence and success—while complementing the refreshed site-wide brand messaging.

The team were very professional, creative, and delivered beyond expectation.

Tomomi Sukagawa Director

When it came to introducing the Japan Cloud team, we sought to balance the site’s elegant abstraction with some warmth and personality. We collaborated with Caroline Andrieu to develop an illustration style for their team member portraits that feel timeless, accessible, and special. And practically speaking, it’s easy to add new team members as Japan Cloud grows, no matter where they work—no photo shoot needed.

The result is a brand unlike anything else in the space. Japan Cloud projects confidence, clarity, and savvy, extending a warm welcome to clients looking to make the jump into an international market.

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