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Michelle Wu for Mayor of Boston

Evolving the campaign trail to City Hall

Michelle Wu continues to break down walls as Boston's first woman and person of color elected mayor. As the city's progressive pick, she has plans for a Green New Deal, free transit, and closing the racial gap in the city. We've been proud to join Michelle along her journey, from a community-driven campaign design to evolving her brand as mayor-elect. All along, we've strived to capture the energy, urgency, and celebration of the moment in our work.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Design System

The hand-painted elements were inspired by protest signage. Imagine someone scrawling on a sign for the first time: it’s imperfect, yet energetic. We augmented the hand-painted “Wu!” mark with supporting imagery taken from historic activism and marches in the city.

We showcased the real people that will carry her into the mayor’s office, no stock photography allowed. So in the height of the pandemic, we organized our first-ever socially distanced photoshoot of real Bostonians. Her supporters are the movement.

The old-school way of thinking about brand is policing and protecting what you’ve built. We made an open-source identity, with most of the design elements available in the brand toolkit we created for her supporters to use and remix. And remix they did! We didn’t see the potatoes coming though.

Homepage image courtesy of the Wu campaign, and supporter images courtesy of Ogusky Ceramics and Twitter.

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