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  • How Strategy Can Drive Data Visualization

    Data viz isn’t really about charts. Data visualization has never been more ubiquitous. You see it in the health rings on your phone, the sparklines in your stock app, and even the bar chart embedded in your parent-teacher fundraising emails. …

    James Muspratt
  • How a Design System Can Transform a Higher Ed Brand

    A design system is your brand in action. They help big systems not only stay on brand, but also provide the underlying technical infrastructure to ensure accessibility compliance and performance at scale.

    Mike Swartz
  • Organizational Change Management is the Key to the Creative Process

    A thoughtful process should not only support organizational change, but encourage it.

    Allie Castro
  • Community Products Need More Than an MVP

    Why we go past the MVP to launch minimum lovable products for communities.

    Caroline Mead
  • Can You Trust an AI Chatbot with College Admissions?

    As designers, engineers, and strategists, our focus is always on finding the story and communicating it in the most effective way possible. We see the potential for AI to transform both our process and the ways people interact with information,…

    Nick Braica
  • Launch Lessons with Emily Harburg: Building community and breaking down silos

    How ‘a modern-day Clippy’ is changing how coworkers connect. Emily Harburg, Ph.D., is an expert at building community. As the co-founder and CEO of PairUp, she’s changing how distributed teams connect. PairUp uses AI to connect…

    Britt Dalton
  • Content Editors Are Users Too: Why We User Test Our CMS Builds

    A CMS isn't just a means to an end—something you need to manage your website. It's an important tool for content editors in achieving your organization's strategic goals.

    Abby Conway
  • 5 Things to Know About Your Content Before a Website Redesign

    If you’re considering a website redesign and haven’t started to think about what that means for your content, ask yourself these five questions. Each one will spark essential conversations within your organization and prepare, inform, and empower you throughout the redesign process.

    Abby Conway
  • How a Start-Up Founder Manages Its Backlog

    Finding the right balance between bug fixes, user feedback, tech debt, and new features took the Marathon team time and practice. Founder Josh Pensky shares what he learned through ten releases, thirteen sprints, and six months of trial and error.

    Josh Pensky
  • How We Power Lovable Products with User Insights

    User research is core to how Upstatement designs and develops digital experiences. It’s how we ensure that a product meets the needs of our clients—which are ultimately the needs of the audiences they hope to serve. We strive to develop products that resonate deeply with those audiences; we describe our MVPs as ‘Minimum Lovable Products.’ But what exactly makes a product lovable? To find out, we ask the right people the right questions, in the right way, at the right time.

    Britt Dalton and Caroline Mead

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