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Shift by Beacon

A brand expansion to unlock the full potential of the office

A follow-up to our extensive Beacon Capital Partners brand and digital experience project, Beacon’s sub-brand Shift needed to be updated to be consistent with the parent brand. We tied the Shift product story into the larger Beacon narrative and identified opportunities to connect the two in ways that delivered on larger organizational goals.

What We Did

  • Brand & Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction

What We Made

  • Logo & Brand Guidelines
  • Image & Icon Library
  • Brand Applications

Beacon manages high-end office space across the country and is known for giving its tenants best-in-class treatment. One of the ways they do that is through Shift: building-wide programming that promotes community by giving tenants opportunities to learn and socialize. And at a complex time for offices and work, these intangibles are more important than ever.

We visualized Shift as a premium, thoughtful expression of the belief that the office is where ideas take shape, visions are realized, and communities are formed. Using the greater Beacon brand as our launchpad, we established the Shift brand voice, designed a logo, developed brand guidelines, and built an image and icon library.

People who work in a Beacon property are energized by the office, and Shift is a way to further enhance their experience. Shift feels right for mixology classes, marketing skillshares, and boutique workout classes—not average, dreary corporate communications.

As a Beacon differentiator, Shift defines a distinctive workplace. We explored space- and event-specific expressions, from wayfinding to elevator screens to swag. As a resonant presence in Beacon buildings, Shift lays groundwork for a unified tenant experience. It’s a constant reminder to leaseholders of Beacon’s value: higher morale and increased motivation alongside operational excellence.

Drawn from an existing Beacon tenant-facing application, Söhne Breit is humanist and playful, while still functional. The system is rounded out with a balanced pairing of the elegant Financier Display and a workhorse version of Söhne.

We positioned Shift as an energized, elevated, thoughtful host for creative and collaborative workers. The brand captures the excitement and possibility of opening doors literally and figuratively to new spaces, new ideas, and new interactions, and follows through on the brand promise: to unlock the full potential of the office.

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