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Showcasing the industry’s leading frontline operations platform, in all its complex beauty.

Tulip connects the people, machines, devices, and systems used in production and logistics processes around the world — think labs, factories, and warehouses. As many of us grew to appreciate during COVID, supply chain logistics are mindblowingly complex and sometimes opaque. We relaunched with the goal of showcasing Tulip’s key benefits and points of differentiation in a way that’s accessible to many types of people across many global industries, while retaining complexity and depth.

What We Did

  • Art Direction
  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Craft CMS Development

What We Made

Live site
Illustration of a warehouse for Tulip

The vision: build a dynamic and rich world for the Tulip brand. 

In this universe, humans and machines work together as a superhero squad. We united a wealth of scattered Tulip content from YouTube and Teachable, redesigned the wayfinding system, and reinforced search so Tulip’s value is clear on every single page. For a brand update, we steered away from the common industrial startup look (think lots of blue and cute vector doodles). Instead, we developed an elegant, dark palette and commissioned crazy-detailed 3D illustrations. 

It’s a website for a category leader. This is a total game changer for us, and an excellent example of the quality of work, creativity, and development chops from the Upstatement team.

Madi Angel Head of Marketing, Tulip

On the homepage, we introduce live data from apps on Tulip stations all over the world to demonstrate the platform’s global reach and fulfill the promise of real-time data in a striking way.

Each illustration is jam-packed with goodies like a “Where’s Waldo” book. 

Warehouse and worker illustrations

People and machines don’t stand still. Tulip’s visual components move and bring the entire system to life. That means surprising hover states, animated product interfaces, and interactions with gentle physical feedback.

The new Tulip platform blurs the line between product, marketing, and community. The site sets a foundation for future growth with technical capabilities with a distinct look and feel to distinguish Tulip as market leader in this growing sector. 

Peek inside the minds of our art directors over on The Art Direction Show

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