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Our Values

At Upstatement, small project teams function autonomously. This means that technology decisions don’t come from the top down, but rather at the project level by the engineers that will actually be accountable for delivering the work. That said, our team does share some common guiding principles.

  • We’re technology agnostic

    We firmly believe that focusing exclusively on one technology is both a business risk and impediment to growth. No two clients or projects are the same, and no one technology can solve all problems effectively. Learning multiple frameworks and languages makes us more well-rounded engineers, and gives us a broader knowledge base to draw from when architecting solutions.

  • We’re creative

    We feel strongly that creativity is not just for designers, and that engineering is an inherently creative discipline. We’re involved from the earliest project phases so that our knowledge of technology can influence the shape of every project from the start. Engineers at Upstatement aren’t just awaiting orders from design; they’re brainstorming alongside them, pointing out opportunities and risks, and proposing creative solutions. We’re not allergic to process and efficiencies, but we’re not the last step on an assembly line.

  • We’re pragmatic

    We make smart, thoughtful decisions tailored to the needs of the task at hand. We strive not to over-engineer, but instead to keep things simple (note that simple doesn’t mean easy). We’re not overly dogmatic, either. It’s easy to buy into absolute truths; it’s more difficult (and realistic) to acknowledge exceptions and constraints that challenge those truths.