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The chemistry of everyday life

Everything we see is made up of molecules. Tiny building blocks that make clean water accessible, safe food available, and modern medicine possible. What we can't derive from nature, we must create ourselves, and Solugen is the only factory in the world able to produce them with zero emissions and a negative carbon footprint. Solugen is the only company of its kind that can scale this technology, both quickly and efficiently. We loved joining them on their mission to clean up the chemicals industry. 

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design

What We Made

A glossy version of the Solugen S molecule

Solugen makes molecules with enzymes, just like the human body. Their clean, carbon-negative process is in direct contrast with the traditional chemical industry, a group responsible for 30% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Solugen’s manufacturing technology has the potential to remove the CO2 equivalent of taking 2M cars off the road—but you wouldn’t have known that from their previous marketing materials.

The young company’s problem wasn’t selling the story to investors: they just hit a $1.8b valuation. Their problem was telling the Solugen story in a way investors and press could share with the world to grow their market. We partnered with the founding team to help articulate their process in a simple, compelling narrative.

We joined the start-up when their team consisted only of scientists and technical writers. In calls with Nobel laureates and physician-scientists, we worked to understand the core of what they do and why they do it. We developed a brand narrative and positioning that clarified the company’s true mission: to make life safer and more sustainable for future generations.

A billboard in a city environment with Solugen's logo
A grid of Solugen's typography and a 3D rendering of Solugen's factory
The primary Solugen logo with a S molecule
A rainbow line with Solugen's brand colors

With the brand identity solidified, we scaled the system to the web with a landing page that illustrates the endless possibilities of Solugen’s technology. Through the use of light and dark mode, the brand makes the hidden world visible—and makes Solugen’s incredible impact clear. Lights on, we show the world the materials that Solugen makes possible. Lights off, we reveal the molecules that power it all.

Visuals are essential to bringing the most abstract stories to life. We commissioned photography from Todd Spoth and 3D renderings from Ink of Solugen’s manufacturing plant, the Bioforge.

The Bioforge has a compelling story of its own: built on the site of an exploded petrochemical wax distillery in Houston, it serves as a reminder of Solugen’s mission to make the world a safer, cleaner place.

A side-by-side grid of Solugen's founder Gaurab Chakrabarti in the Solugen factory
A photograph of the Solugen Bioforge outside in Houston, Texas
A side-by-side grid of the Solugen bioforge and inside of the Solugen factory
An aerial photograph of the Solugen factory

The new brand system reintroduces Solugen as the bold, trustworthy face of a new future. One where clean energy is possible and efficient. See the excitement for synthetic biology for yourself.

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