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Engineering at Upstatement

By Mike Burns

Technology is a core expertise at Upstatement, deeply integrated throughout every phase of the project life cycle.

Our engineers are involved from the very beginning to both vet and influence the creative and strategic vision for the project. We’re technology agnostic, meaning that we won’t be forcing our technology preferences on you. Our Strategy and Vision phase is spent developing a deep understanding of your unique requirements, working closely with your team to identify the right sized solutions for your project. At the end of this phase we deliver our technology brief, which ensures that we are aligned on every big technology decision (e.g. language, framework, CMS, third party platforms and integration, etc.) before we start building.

When it comes time to implement these solutions, we are expert makers. Designers and engineers work side-by-side during production sprints to realize the strategic vision in code, one feature at a time. We test continuously and ship early and often, giving your team as much time as possible to interact with the work product so that your feedback can be incorporated regularly.

We’re happy to involve internal technical teams as much as they’d like to be during all points in the project: and because our teams are single-threaded, it’s very easy for us to pair-program or divide and conquer with a client’s engineering resource(s) embedded on our team.

We pride ourselves in sticking the landings, carefully planning and executing the launch or relaunch of your product when the time comes. We’ll work closely with your team to make sure that everyone — product owners, content administrators, and in-house design and technology resources — has everything they need to support and improve the site for the long haul.

Mike Burns's headshot

Mike Burns

Head of Engineering

Mike has a decade of experience in higher education, where he has extensive experience building performant, accessible sites at scale. Prior to Upstatement, Mike led a team of engineers at Boston University for eight years. At Upstatement, he has overseen projects with MIT, Northeastern, ESPN, and others.