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Project Management at Upstatement

By Caroline Mead

The way we run projects is integral to their success, from getting stakeholder input to managing the details of the build. We have a few process distinctions that set our approach apart:

Close collaboration and iteration

Our agile methodology focuses on users and anticipates iteration the whole way through. We carve out space to receive and adjust to feedback through validation sprints. We diligently mind the details with you, making the thousands of tiny decisions that add up to a successful project: on time and in budget.

Focused on your project alone

Upstatement resources designers and engineers to one project at a time. Because our teams aren’t split among other clients, we’re able to give your project as much headspace as it requires. We work closely with a Product Owner designated from your team to focus and prioritize our work, sprint by sprint.

Open, clear communication

Our team is always a message away on Slack, where we send updates and answer questions every day. We like to think of your team and ours becoming one. Upstatement consolidates project, account, and product management in our team of producers, who guide project clarity, efficiency, integrity, and satisfaction. In addition, our designers and developers are all client-facing: you’ll always have access to speak directly with them about their work.

Change management experience

We know successfully launching a new site involves navigating the wide-ranging perspectives of people who care deeply about it. With years of experience guiding major redesigns, we can schedule strategically, lead conversations with VIPs, and support internal messaging for how the focus of the homepage will change.

Built-in flexibility

Our teams are nimble. We hand craft our process based on the project’s needs. And if something about our project’s process or collaboration isn’t working, we’re always game to change it. Our work together is a partnership, and the way we get it done is just as important as the end product.

Caroline Mead's headshot

Caroline Mead

Head of Producers

Caroline’s background spans psychology, research, computer science, and consulting— all of which she uses to lead the Producer team at Upstatement and the flexible, collaborative process for guiding products to success. Prior to Upstatement, Caroline worked in Product Management for startups, fortune 500 companies, and everywhere in between. She brings a user-centric, data-driven perspective to brand and product development.