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Project Management at Upstatement

By Jess Landre

The way we run projects is integral to their success. From getting stakeholder input on the product vision to managing the fine details of the build, our process is designed around four core beliefs:

We’re on the same team

We collaborate closely with a Product Owner and a few core members from your team to focus and prioritize our work. Our designers and developers are all client-facing, meaning you’ll be able to speak directly with them about their work. Plus, our team is always a message away in our shared Slack channel where we send updates and answer questions every day. We like to think of your team and ours becoming one.

Good work requires feedback

Our agile methodology promotes iteration through input from users and key stakeholders. We deliberately carve out space to collect feedback and make adjustments along the way, ensuring we’re always moving in the right direction. We diligently mind the details with you, making the hundreds of tiny decisions that add up to a successful project.

Change management matters

We know launching a new brand or website involves navigating the wide-ranging perspectives of people who care deeply about it. With years of experience guiding major re-designs, we have the tactics and expertise to schedule strategically, lead conversations with VIPs, and support internal messaging efforts. We put the same level of care and attention into expectation-setting and alignment as we do in the work itself.

Flexibility breeds efficiency

Each project has unique needs; we adjust our process to meet those needs. Project Managers work closely with Product Owners to ensure an effective partnership throughout the project’s lifecycle. If something isn’t working, we pivot. This flexibility allows us to maintain momentum and stay focused on what matters most: making the best possible thing we can together.

Jess Landre's headshot

Jess Landre

Head of Project Management

Jess’s background spans public relations, brand management, and video production — all of which contributed to the skills and expertise she now leverages in leading the Project Management team at Upstatement. Prior to Upstatement, Jess worked with clients across all industries in a full-service ad agency setting, delivering creative work to support their marketing needs. She brings a relationship-focused, outcome-driven perspective to managing projects and teams.