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  • Sharing a New Brand with Your Higher Ed Community

    The world of higher ed has especially passionate stakeholders, and a strategically-managed redesign process and rollout is critical to earning buy-in from students, faculty, alumni, and fans. We asked our collaborators at various universities what they learned during their redesign rollouts; here’s their advice for how to get your new brand off to the right start.

  • Heart illustration

    4 Lessons We Learned On Our Way to a 4-Day Work Week

    4DWW helped us find new flexibility and made for happier, healthier teams. And it might help you, too. In 2022, Upstatement started experimenting with a 4-Day Work Week, and after measuring the results I’m happy to say that our…

    Tito Bottitta
  • A collage like illustration of silhouetted tourists posing in front of a giant GPU in a roadside attraction

    Your GPU is a Place

    Why knowing the geography of your motherboard matters when it comes to optimizing graphics and animation. If you’ve ever attempted a casual conversation with a graphics engineer, they’ve probably worked the word “shader” in somewhere. If pressed (and even if…

    Charlie Hoey
  • Everytown data visualization components, designed by Upstatement

    Using Data Visualization to Drive Change  

    How we helped Everytown turn legal surveys into a tool for change.

    Abby Conway
  • Upstatement joins kyu

    Upstatement joins the kyu Collective

    As part of the kyu Collective, Upstatement forms a strategic alliance with Godfrey Dadich Partners & Ghost Note to build The New Editorial We’re thrilled to announce that Upstatement has joined the kyu Collective, an exclusive network of the…

  • Screens showing the flow

    Building a Multi-Step Checkout Form from Scratch

    If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably familiar with the multiple steps that it takes to check out. First, you fill out your basic contact information; then, your shipping address; next, your payment information and billing address; and finally, review…

    Josh Pensky
  • The Q Word

    How we define quality, why we consider things to be good, bad, or ugly, and what it means for design.

    Mike Swartz
  • Agile Website Redesign for Agencies: Is it Possible?

    Back when we first adopted an agile process, we had our doubts that it could work. But after using it on major redesigns for ESPN, NPR, and many more, we’re converts. We spent some time talking with…

    Emily Theis
  • How We’re Testing a 4-Day Work Week

    The ways we’re defining, measuring, and tweaking our approach to implementing a 4-day work week at Upstatement. Back in May, we kicked off a 4-day work week pilot that’s running through the summer of 2022. We wanted to…

    Britt Dalton
  • Surface, System, and Behavior: A Framework for Branding in a Digital-First World

    This post is adapted from a presentation exploring the broader historical context of Upstatement’s brand through digital approach. It was originally shared at RISD in the spring of 2022. We create many different types of work at Upstatement,…

    Andy Pressman

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