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  • Agile Website Redesign for Agencies: Is it Possible?

    Back when we first adopted an agile process, we had our doubts that it could work. But after using it on major redesigns for ESPN, NPR, and many more, we’re converts. We spent some time talking with…

    Emily Theis
  • How We’re Testing a 4-Day Work Week

    The ways we’re defining, measuring, and tweaking our approach to implementing a 4-day work week at Upstatement. Back in May, we kicked off a 4-day work week pilot that’s running through the summer of 2022. We wanted to…

    Britt Dalton
  • Surface, System, and Behavior: A Framework for Branding in a Digital-First World

    This post is adapted from a presentation exploring the broader historical context of Upstatement’s brand through digital approach. It was originally shared at RISD in the spring of 2022. We create many different types of work at Upstatement,…

    Andy Pressman
  • Why We’re Trying a 4-Day Work Week

    We're embarking on a summer-long experiment to test a hypothesis: That our business can thrive and our people will be more fulfilled working one fewer day each week.

    Tito Bottitta
  • Apprenticeship Diaries: From Ice Cream to Code

    Follow along with our engineering apprentice Lauren Kessell as she documents her time at Upstatement. Welcome to the first installment of the Apprenticeship Diaries. I’m three months into my engineering apprenticeship at Upstatement, and I’m finally figuring out what I…

    Lauren Kessell
  • All About Apprenticeships: Engineering Edition

    Upstatement’s long-running apprenticeship program is one of our favorite parts of the job. We’re often asked how the program works, why we do it, and what an apprentice can expect. Engineering manager Beatrice Huang is here with the answers. Most…

    Bea Huang
  • Pair Programming: Best Practices for Teams

    Pair programming is productive and fun. Well, “fun-for-work” fun, at least. Our engineers share the ins and outs of pairing and how it led to a happier team and better work. If you read tech blogs, then you’ve no doubt…

    Anahit Gulian, Caitlin Wang, and Scott Batson
  • Where are all the CarPlay Apps?

    The unsung hero from Apple in the last few years has been CarPlay. It, with Android Auto, have taken over just about every new car’s dashboard touchscreen. It’s finally replaced the junky and ugly interfaces from the…

    Jared Novack
  • Cautionary Tales: More Career Advice from Upstatement

    Straight from the Upstatement team, here are our favorite not-so-successful career moments—and the wisdom gained from those fails.  We recently wrapped up a few projects with universities, and it’s got us in a back-to-school mindset—fresh starts,…

  • Learning to Learn: Career Advice from Upstatement

    Find your niche, but also don’t be afraid to try everything. Upstatement has grown a ton over the past couple years. We’ve hired talented people who are at wildly varying stages in their lives and careers. Some of us finished…

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