Redesign Launches

By Tito Bottitta

Upstatement is thrilled to be a part of the new, redesigned! Of course, we were just part of a large team that planned, designed, and developed the new … More »

Intern Intro: Chris Plummer

By Chris Plummer

What’s one of the most unexpected things people would find out about you? Hidden talents? Shadowy past working for a secret agency? I sang karaoke with Cameron Diaz, talked Star … More »

Intern Intro: Maya Gao

By Maya Gao

Hola! I am Maya! I just graduated from Newhouse, Syracuse University, with a master’s degree in multimedia journalism. I’ve had experience in both visual design and front-end development. This winter I … More »

Intern Recap: Gus Wezerek

By Gus Wezerek

As I wipe down my desk and fold up my lap blanket, it’s hard not to get a little sentimental about my six months at Upstatement. I’ve learned a new … More »

Intern Recap: Carol Liao

By Carol Liao

When I first interviewed with Upstatement, I had asked if I’d be able to do some developing, even though I was applying for the design internship. Ten short weeks later, … More »