Intern Intro: Josh Levinson

By Josh Levinson

Early last fall, I reached out to Upstatement about their apprenticeship program. One thing led to the another, and after a series of interviews, I was invited to join … More »

Intern Recap: George Nishimura

By George Nishimura

If you’re looking for advice directly applicable to an apprenticeship at Upstatement, then I suggest reading the previous intern recaps. With the addition of … More »

Hello, Holly!

By Grant Staublin

Today we’d like to welcome the newest member of the Upstatement crew, Holly Copeland, who is joining us as a designer. Holly’s creativity and energy, approach to digital strategy, … More »

Intern Intro: Emma Baker

By Emma Baker

What’s one of the most unexpected things people would find out about you? Hidden talents? Shadowy past working for a secret agency? I’ve moved six times in the past year … More »

Intern Recap: Chris Voll

By Chris Voll

Two years ago, I was introduced to Upstatement when it returned to its roots in Syracuse to launch a new website for the Daily Orange. I had just signed on … More »

Well, hello there, Emily

By Grant Staublin

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’re going back in time to welcome, Emily, our first project manager to the Upstatement family. Emily separated herself from the rest of … More »